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This is by no means comprehensive... it’s ever-growing and is just a list of some things DON’T COME KNOCKIN’ finds cool:




All Nite Vans
A site that wholeheartedly supports vanning in all of it’s twisted beauty. Be sure to take a look at the Dictionary and "Turd Polishing Page".


Babes with Vans
A facebook group connecting chicks with vans together to share stories, tips, photos.


Instagram of what else? Creepy vans.


An online magazine about van life culture. A platform for everyone to share stories, tips, playlists, cool spots where to sleep, pictures or videos. Don't Come Knockin' has contributed: 10 Things About Classic Vans That Make Me Cream My Pants.


Rebel Vanners International
European party people who love their American-style vans.


Thunder’s Garage
Photos and info about 4x4 custom vans.


Tons of Vanarchy

Facebook group for vanners (you have to ask to join) run by Canandian vanner Belinda.


Coming to you from the wild west coast of Ireland. V8Van specializes in the sourcing, importation and delivery of good condition American vans (with a preference for full-size, customised, Cconverted, low top camper vans with V8 engines dating 1970-80’s). You can tell it’s from the heart here as this site has vanner eye-candy galore and quite a collection of images. Killer stuff. One of my favs is the hard luck photo section.


Van Dolls
Ladies only! Facebook group with fun posts from female vanners.


Van Graveyard
Get the box of kleenex out... this stuff is SAD!


Vanning Days
Marshall Davidson was THERE from March 1975 till May 1980. And woah, he took a LOT of photos!!


Vans Only

A place to post classified ads and other Van related items wanted or for sale via facebook. Lots of members and lots of good advice if you need it!


Vans Rule!

Fun facebook group (you have to ask to join) for vanners and vans of all shapes and sizes. California Street Vans Club runs this page, almost 5,000 members strong.
Vintage van site dedicated to “the serious vintage vanner,” site is created by users. Forums and photo galleries, I especially love this one on High Rollers and 4x4 Earlys.

Vintage Van Company

Self-described as “a virtual ointment for anyone with a burning, itching, irrepressible love Jones for early forward-control vans” this site has lots and lots of VAN photos, build blogs, a swag store and more. Get on over there!


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Don’t let the “car” name fool you. A nationwide database for finding used parts of all kinds.
Mostly RV-centric supplies, but with lots of useful accessories for anyone who wants to travel in comfort.
A site dedicated exclusively to custom van parts.
An easy-to-navigate source for aftermarket accessories and conversion parts.
A large selection of specific van and truck parts.


Van Crazy Customs These guys have all the original J & J fiberglass molds. They are producing gull wing show doors, visors, flares sets, and roll pans.


Vans Only

Listing this under Nuts and Bolts too, cause there is a lot of that in this group: A place to post classified ads and other Van related items wanted or for sale via facebook. Lots of members and lots of good advice if you are seeking any.


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The Kozy Kar Bar
A bar in San Francisco that is ALL about vans. And we mean ALL about ’em! And now there’s one in Santa Rosa too.


San Francisco Magazine Spread on Bay Area Women Vanners
When San Francisco Magazine contacted me because they wanted to do a story on bay area women vanners, I was wondering who they’d be interviewing. Guess who? A couple of the three contacts I PROVIDED THEM! When the journalist asked to me send “five or six bay area women vanners” she could include in her piece, I laughed and said, “I know of three.” I don't think it’s what she had in mind. My favorite thing about being in this awesome spread is that the mag online is “modern luxury dot com.” Who knew that I would be interviewed someday for a MODERN LUXURY magazine!?  HA! Also included are Sweet Cicely and Mercy Cat, both of whom I have interviewed for DON’T COME KNOCKIN’. Bummed my friend Piper declined to be interviewed because she is real bad ass and her van is super cool.

To see the story online, click here (after link comes up, click on CONTINUE in upper right of the annoying advertisement)...

Wall Street Journal Article
Cool article on vans and van culture in the Wall Street Journal April 2014. DON’T COME KNOCKIN’ got interviewed and got a plug!


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Custom Vanner
Printed magazines and cool swag for sale.


Rolling Heavy
VANS • BREWS • DOOBS • BOOBS — says it all.

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Vans Only!
Facebook group - you have to ask to join - a place to post classified ads and other van related items wanted or for sale.


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