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MARCH 2001.

beth loudmouth
Could you please tell me where you will be playing on March 31st? Your site slates you in the San Francisco area, but does not give the establishment.  I am taking a photography class at the college here in Livermore and would like to do my final project on Punk Rock Bands. Would I be permitted to take pictures during your show if I came down there?  I would appreciate it if you would respond to this email.

hi cathy! well, the show is at the COVERED WAGON (the site says the CW, SF, that's what that meant) which is on Folsom St. right at 5th street. parking is availble ($) across the street if you can't park on the street. incidentally, our drummer sprained his wrist really badly and we had to bow off the bill, our friends the idiots are taking our place. it should be a great show and most bands don't mind at all if you want to take pictures! i know all the bands playing that night and know they wouldn't care so feel free to come down if you want!
beth loudmouth

Thanks for responding.  I failed to tell you an important fact in my first email.  I am 43 years old. (that could be why I didn't know that CW stood for Covered Wagon).  Is that going to change how I might be recieved at the show? I just believe that there is so much creativity in the Punk arena.  I truly envy those who can take what they believe in and revel in it, not giving a shit about what "society" may think.  In my younger days I was into Punk. It is just so raw and at the surface.  And I just would like to capture some of that for my final project.  If my age will get in the way, I would like to know up front.  I don't want to infringe where I may not belong.
Thanks again,

hey cathy!
no worries about not knowing what CW stood for. just letting you know fyi. you are only as old as you feel (hell, the singer for the idiots is 40!!) -- i know lots of old farts still involved in the punk rock scene. age doesn't mean shit. if you don't worry about it, no one else will. some of us never grew out of the so-called "phase" and don't care! hell, i'm 34 and still skateboard around drunk every weekend! (the dayglo abortions who are playing also on sat. aren't too young either). and if you feel nervous, just pretend like you are someone in one of the bands parents or older siblings, ahahhah!!!!!
future senior citizens unite,

Thanks once again for emailing me back and for encouraging me to come down to the show tomorrow night. I am really looking forward to it. I told my photography instructor yesterday what my plans were and of course, she being the tightly wound bitch that she is tried to discourage me, telling me that I "may not want to put myself in that kind of environment". I just wanted to slap her. Maybe I should have told her about how up until 11 years ago, I had ring-around-the-nostrils and the countertops were littered with empty Tanquerey bottles and sqeezed limes. When you find yourself at the end of your run going through and 8-ball in three days and claiming it must be bad shit, I think you've have taken yourself into environments that make the world of Punk look like a day at church. Are you in agreement with me on this one? Anyway, I really do appreciate your willingness to write me and help me out. You have restored my faith in humanity. I will keep watch for when you and the Loudmouths will be playing once your drummer has healed.

HEY KIDS! TRY THIS! (they do it with Pink Floyd and the Wizard of Oz, why not the Loudmouths and Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!??) LETTER EXCERPT: "Oh yeah fer the 4th of July me and Justin watched Faster Pussycat fer the first time!!! It wasn't all that great, but I fell in love with Tura Satana!! She was bad ass!!! In fact the plot of that movie was kinda sick, but the girls and the cars and the go go dancing were awesome!!! The second time we watched it we played yer band's first CD as the soundtrack instead listening to them talk. It was awesome. We played "Rough House" while Billie and Rosie were fighting and the rest of the songs fell in place with the movie. It was fuckin rad!!!" -Dirty Broad

HEY KIDS! DON'T TRY THIS! (uh... yeah right! we can barely afford our practice space these days. In other words, GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK MAN.) LETTER EXCERPT: "hey- how about a free cd fer a fan from texas? that would be rad. get back to me if thats cool or whatever....ill send you my address. thanx fer yer time-xxxxx(name witheld cause we don't want them to feel stupider than they already are!)"

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Beth-- I don't know if you remember me, but I shared a flurry of e-mail correspondences with you a couple of years ago about the ukulele and Pineapple Princess and Kiss My Pineapple. I'm a writer-filmmaker living in Lexington, Kentucky, and came close to attending a Loudmouths gig here with my physician wife, when the questionable informality of the venue--not to mention the urine stench--turned us away...

One day on my way to skool, i'm listenin to my cds. When i arrive at 14st, ready to transfer to a local train... i decided to listen to my new favorite cd from The Loudmouths. I had bought the cd just 2 days ago. So i'm waiting for the train and i always stand close to the edge... because i'm such a rebel (oooh look out). I opened the cd case and the cd escapes from me grasp and falls onto the train tracks. I was so scared, thinking what's gonna happen when the train comes. Will it derail? Will the cd break? What to do? What to do? Well this brave little chica dropped all her stuff and went down onto the racks to get that sucker. It felt kinda weird being down there, wondering if the train is gonna come and kill me. But i saved the cd, and myself. The train came about 2 mins after i got back on the platform. When i got on the train i realized what i did, and the danger i put myself in for this cd. My hands were shaking and my heart was beating hard. But so what if i sacraficed my life for it. It was a damn good cd! -Ar


... For the past 10 days I've been spending my two hour work out driving my artsy-fartsy next door neighbor crazy with the pounding of steel weights and your ripping riffs...


Check out this cool tattoo on one of the guys in TRICKY WOO from Canada.