June 10, 2013: The post-10 year reunion is happening.

August 24, 2013 at El Rio in San Francisco. Practice starts next week.

Original line-up: Dulcinea, Beth, Jay and Pete.

MP3s available here

November 2009: Wow. People still come here. COOL!
We are all in NEW bands now! Check these links out...




and there have been a few in-between as well... like





and.... here's our sticker in a LEE JEANS ad...WHAT the ???!?!?

August 2001: So the Euro pictures from two fucking years ago are finally up. Go to the tour stories page. No stories though, just pix. The stories will done in two more years. ahhah. Guess we were too busy drinkin' with all our new friends to write down any memories. And WHAT memories we have. A damn good time. Best vacation I ever had! --Beth

July 2001: Pretty pathetic news page, I know, I know. What can I say? Sometimes I have better things to do than sit in front of my computer. So the scoop is that the The LOUDMOUTHS decided to call it quits after our last mini-tour up to the Pacific Northwest and Canada in May 2001. Maybe there will be a 10 year reunion show or somethin', who knows!? No, we didn't get in a brawl on tour or anything, it was a decision we made before we even hit the road for our last shows. It was just... time. The seven year itch was itchin' and there's other stuff we all want to do right now...

Thanks to everyone who helped us out and put us up during this last tour. We got to play with some ROCKIN' bands. This made up a teensy bit for the VALENTINE KILLERS breaking up and having to cancel all their shows with us, sob sob sob. The Catahoula Hounds, the Triggers, The Hatchbacks, the Pricks -- all kick ass!! And Vancouver ROCKS! Extra thanxxx and spanks go to Stu and Willy Jak. -- Beth

August 2000: Got some new links up. still no euro photos. i know, i am lame. but god damn, it is summertime!! and the loudmouths are busy skating and surfing and soaking up the sun and .... hell, we have hardly been praticing. but september means we will be playing some shows again. we get to open up for the LEWD which will be fun, we get to SEE them this time instead of playing with them. anyone from europe look out for our friend's the JACK SAINTS from SF who will be touring late aug-early sept. they fucking ROCK and you should go see them if they are coming your way.--Beth

March 2000: After a much needed 3 month break, the Loudmouths are playing out again! Also, the website has gone through a facelift and I am FINALLY gettting our euro tour pictures up, maybe even some sorta late as hell tour diary (we were all too lazy to write one but we might pull something outta our asses to post) –– at least there will be lots of photos. Look for them very, very soon! --Beth