Toying Around

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Vinyl Killer

SO FUCKING COOL From Japan, this nifty little “toy” sits on your vinyl 33.3 records and drives around and around... playing the song from the LP out of the speaker on it’s top. It’s the coolest mini record player ever. It’s just too bad it’s a Volkswagon! Ha! Fun to show off at partys!

Mini Vans

The only cool “minivans” How come I never had one of these when I was a kid?

Girlie Pink of Course Now, I do remember that Barbie had a camper van, but Charlie’s Girls? The toy companies cash in.

Hot Wheels! Hot Wheels, Matchbox, generic crappy copies. If it’s a van, it’s COOL.

Van In A Box Another one I wish I’d had as a kid!

Scooby Doo, Where Are You? I found this way before the recent Scooby Doo flick. The Mystery Machine was always rad.

The Japanese Do It Again Of course, this came way before the “Vinyl Killer.” Who wants a remote controlled monster truck from Radio Shack, when you can have a remote controlled van from Sears? Made in Japan.


Flipper Suffered For Their Music... Now it’s your turn. The cut out from the band Flipper’s “Gone Fishin’” LP. Of course, I had to cut it out and make it.


Fun with Legos! Thanks to an email from a van fan, who sent these pics of a van he built with legos when he was 13 (inspired by his parents’ 83 Chevy)!



Don’t Come Knockin’