Stand By Your Van

Interviewed February 2016.


Name, age, where you live:

Zamanta Nix, 32, Ventura County.


What kind of van do you have?

71 shorty B200 Dodge Van.


Tell us about any customizing you have done on on your van.

My van came with its own personality and customization, red shag carpet, tweed bench seat that pulls out to a bed, tweed single back seat, mini bar, sink, ice box and three sets of drinking glasses, diamond bubble portholes and what I like to call “Aztec sacrificial pyramid” bubble portholes. My friends started calling my van the “ZamVan,”  so anytime they see another van with the same features they call it the “ZamVan.”

The ZamVanThe van just needed the basics, tires, brakes, oil change and a good wash-n-wax.


Any future plans in the works for the van?

My van is pretty solid, mechanically, just needs some cosmetic work. The sun destroyed the fabric on my driver and passenger chairs, faded the color of the shag carpet in certain areas, and the curtains are literally disintegrating. So don’t touch my curtains!! You don’t want to breath that crap in. But one trip to garment district in LA and a weekend of sewing and hand sponge staining, will solve the problems. Somewhere in the back of my storage I have a custom spoiler and a visor I still need to paint and put on my van. And of course I want some pinstriping, lace painting and window etching. Don’t we all?? =p

A whole bunch of lil things I’ve got on my Van To Do List but with all my other hobbies, the To Do list keeps getting bigger.


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Have you “rocked” your van?

I’m still looking for “the one” to rock it with. ;)


Any past vans you’ve owned?
My first van was a orange shorty 70s dodge with side pipes, no window, no interior, in purrfect condition. A friend’s friend mentioned his mom had pink shag carpet in her house and it needed to be replace. Score!!! The funny thing was the son had to sneak the shag carpet out the bedroom window so his mom would not know. Now, this is original Sears shag carpet from the 70s not your imitation stuff they sell now. I had the heart porthole windows. I started collecting all my parts and stuffed them in the van. Theproject kept being pushed back and not having the money for a proper paint job... other projects... A friend suggested for me to find a van that was already done, of course at first I refused to but I really needed a van that was done. That’s when the “ZamVan” was found. Sold the orange van to a friend who was always asking me to sell it to him, bought the ZamVan and have been very happy with it ever since. But my dream of creating my own van was stil lin the back of my head. My lil friend Mimo, car kid, found my next van I was going to purchase. It was a faded green, no window 70s shorty Dodge van, original owner and his band’s name on the side. Here was my second chance to create my ultimate show van! But life happens and I had to start selling my things so I can move out of my current situation. So I sold my green van and my 69 Dart... Just keep on swimming.

California Street Vans

Are you in a van club?

California Street Van member here! Been a member since we decided to branch out and make our own new van club, 2013.


Do you go to vanning events?

Whenever I can.


What are your favorite places to take your van?

Lake Isabella and hanging out with the Gypsy Vanners. Mas Tequila!!!! Prince, my co-pilot standard poodle, we both always have a great time there. Next one is coming up soon!!

Cruising up Angeles Crest with my van club. Camping out by PCH beach with the Vandits and the rest of the CSV club. Beach, sunsets, crunchy cobbler, poofs, listening to van stories. Always a good time.


PrinceHow and when did your lust for vans begin?

Several years ago the guys in the Mopar club I’m in decided to get vans out of the blue. I didn’t have a clue to what they were talking about. Then I saw them, the vans, at my first van cruise and I was hooked.


What do you think about the current van “scene” today?

The van “scene” ... honestly, I’m just a girl who likes to jump in her van with her four legged co-pilot and go wherever we want to go. My co-pilot sitting on the passengers seat looking out the window, snack box between our seats, some song on repeat cause I’m hooked on it. That’s my scene.

Any other van-related things you do?

I’m an admin on Vans Rule! FB page, literally I keep the men under control and block out sunglasses selling mail order brides. Yes, men, I only know a handful of women vanners and I know they don’t cause trouble. ;)


I do have a Instagram account @zlilfish, it’s more of a overall of my passion for classic cars, my own and my Prince and a great way to reach out to people about CVS events.

What other kinds of wheels do you roll?

My Fish or “The Fish” is a 69 yellow Plymouth Barracuda. Then there’s “Baby Blue,” my 65 automatic floor shift Plymouth Valiant. Nothing can stop this lil car, not even fire, except for me forgetting to put gas in it. Has happened on several occasions. =p I also own a 94 Suzuki dual sport. This motorcycle is part of a long life dream. And big thanxs to my Gypsy Vanner brothers and sisters to showing me how to ride. I also have a mini bike, just needs some work and it will be on the road soon.

The ZamVanSky’s the limit, describe your ULTIMATE wet dream van.

This is tough... either ultimate camper/dirt bike hauler LWB Dodge or show stopper, raspberry colored shorty Dodge van... ughh!!  I can’t decide!!!

What are some must have tunes to crank while cruising in your van?

Anything from Rocio Durcal con Juan Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Selena Quintanilla, Warda, Roy Orbison, Dabke, Huaynos Peruanos, Motown, Nancy Ajram, ABBA, Casting Crowns, Maná, Big Bands, Incubus, King & Country, Utada, Boston, Beats Antique, Fu Manchu, Patsy Cline, System of a Down. Depends on my mood, even just pure silence, the sound of the motor running, windows rolled down, works for me... you never know what you’ll get when you jump in with me, I do take requests. ;)


Ford, Chevy or Dodge?

Mopar chica.


Ass, gas or grass?



Plether, shag or tuck-n-roll?

Shag baby!




Don’t Come Knockin’