Stand By Your Van

ShortyMARCY and “SHORTY”
Interviewed November 2019.


Name, age, where you live:

Marcy Lipare, 50, Riverside, California.


What kind of van do you have?

1972 Ford Econoline, “Shorty.”


Tell us about any customizing you have done on on your van.

When I got the van it was bare bones only the paneling was inside. I got my friend Robert Ryder who does custom woodwork to build a bed frame with cupboards on the bottom for storage and he put a bench seat over my wheel well and a new panel of wood on the ceiling of the van. I learned a lot about wood work and tried to help him as much as possible. I got to pick out all of the wood, stain, hardware, etc.

Cool pillowsI sewed all of my pillows, blanket and headliner over the front seats.


I kept the surfer motif that the van originally was and is. I met the second owner who told me the van’s original owner was a surfer and the van spent the majority of it’s years at the beaches of Mexico (hence all the rust). So needless to say I’ve kept the original surfer curtains in the back and all of the OG surfer stickers and some funky tile in the front.


Any future plans in the works for the van?

My next project for the van is some bodywork by my buddy David Alvarez who does some awesome body work and painting... he’s gonna help me with my rust issues and some blending of paint as I want to keep all the original patina that gives Shorty such character. After that I want to add some rad shag carpet!

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Have you ‘rocked’ your van?

I haven’t rocked in my van yet....waiting for a man who is worthy enough! ;)


quoteAny past vans you’ve owned?
I have owned two VW buses... but this is my first VAN!


Are you in a van club?

I am not in a van club yet. My good friends Maudy and Ryan just bought their first van so we are in the works of thinking of our van club name. Stay tuned.


SunroofDo you go to vanning events?

I love attending vanning events. It’s so fun to get together with the vanners. They are the best people ever! I love checking out all the vans and getting ideas and being jealous of other vans.


What are your favorite places to take your van?

I love cruising around my hood in my van. Either people don’t even look at me or they are giving me thumbs up. It’s great! I also love taking my van camping, the beach, car shows, and van shows of course.


How and when did your lust for vans begin?

I have always loved vans and I love everything from the 70s. In 2017 my friend Dano, (RIP Danny Nichols), took me to the Desert Generator. I was sold. I needed a van ASAP! I probably bought one about three months later.


Shorty Interior What do you think about the current van ‘scene’ today?

I love the current van scene... all the people are so great. I love that they are all different styles of people and we all come together for our one thing in common—VANS.

Any other van-related things you do?

I’m on instagram as hippy_vanner_chick72.

What other kinds of wheels do you roll?

I also roll a 1969 mini bike, those are my new fun wheels.

Sky’s the limit, describe your ULTIMATE wet dream van.

My ultimate dream van is a total 70’s Dodge with stripes on the exterior, love the circle windows in the back, interior with shag, some funky 70s bed with wooden bannisters.

Shorty and MarcyWhat are some must have tunes to crank while cruising in your van?

I love music, when I’m cruising in the van I listen to everything from rhythm, blues, rock-n-roll to punk.


Ford, Chevy or Dodge?

Ford is my first van so I will always love Ford, but I also love Chevy and Dodge. ;)


Ass, gas or grass?

All of the above!


Plether, shag or tuck-n-roll?

Shag, shag for sure!




Don’t Come Knockin’