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Ellie and her Ford

Interviewed June 2017.


Name, age, where you live:
Ellie Pejic, 42, Costa Mesa.


What kind of van do you have (year, make, etc.)?
Ford Econoline E 100 shorty with a three on the tree.


Tell us about any customizing you have done on on your van. 
None yet.


Any future plans in the works for the van?

My interior is bare. Plans for a record player in back, bed and hookups to outdoor detachable speakers. I’m thinking of doing my front seats with a mix of fur and leather. A mirrored console above the drivers area would be nice. I’m not into the carpet cave. Nowadays they have good options for light weight paneling. Last thing I wanna do is weigh down my rig. I will have to look into those. 


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Have you “rocked” your van?
I feel an innuendo with this question. Ha ha. There is nothing back there so with that being clarified, yes, I rock that son of a gun every time I drive it. 


Any past vans you’ve owned?
This is my first.


QuoteAre you in a van club and how long has the club been around?
No clubs. No plans to join any. I prefer to be a drifter. 


Do you go to vanning events?
Yes. Desert Generator twice. Gypsy Run once, BYOB campout once and an OC van meetup.


The Ford's EngineWhat are your favorite places to take your van?
I like campground situations the best.


How and when did your lust for vans begin?
High school, but my daddy said no way. 


What do you think about the current van “scene” today
I feel events are definately divided. I prefer events that have vanners that have been around since the 70’s. They have the best stories and knowledge about the vans in general. The younger vanners in their 20’s and 30’s tend to go to events where their age group is present. I think they could gain alot by branching out. 


Any other van-related things you do?
I have an Insta that shows the engine progress I’ve made. I have interest to be  more of a contributor to the vanning world just haven’t nailed down just what that will be. It’s my first year in so we will see. 


The FordWhat other kinds of wheels do you roll?
Toyota 4 Runner and roller skates.


Sky’s the limit, describe your ULTIMATE wet dream van:
My van with my bay windows welded up replaced with 3 slitted windows on a tilt on each side. 


What are some must have tunes to crank while cruising in your van?
Brant Bjork and Midnight Star.


Ford, Chevy or Dodge?
All of those really. I have a soft spot for the mid Ford grill. I love a Ford face. 


QuoteAss, gas or grass?
Hmmm. Grass.


Plether, shag or tuck-n-roll?
Mirrors, velvet, chains and animal hide!




Don’t Come Knockin’