I don't really give a shit what people may think or say, but punk rock and skateboarding still go together like shit and stink. Throughout history, there have been many punk bands with skaters in them and skaters who play in punk bands. San Francisco' s Loudmouths are the latest and definetly one of the greatest in a long time.

Punk rock intensity that rivals Black Flag (don't think Henry Rollins' "intense guy" intensity but pre-Rollins, you know, Dez, the man) with female vocals that are fuckin' screamed out at a high volume. This ain't none of that feel-good, pop-punk, wussy crap or warbling "indie rock" put out by some son-of-a-major. That's right, the Loudmouths are loudmouths. Dulcinea, who covers most of the vocal duties, as well as guitar, has a history of loudmouthedness and rowdy behavior that may have started when she got kicked out of the Brownies as a youngster for slapping the troop leader's daughter in the mouth. The stage was set.

The rest of the band includes Beth on bass, Jay on guitar, and Pete the Ox on the skins. Pete is the skater of the band, and, like most skaters, lives for road trips and skating other people's gnarly spots like Burnside and the West Seattle Bowl. they've just embarked on a tour of Southern California; hopefully, Salba's going to take some pools. The other bandmembers put up with Pete, but are wary of his skating due to his previous broken bones. After his northwest jaunt, he returned home with a broken wrist and broken fingers. Injuries like these postponed the recording of their first and only LP (so far) on New Red Archives. To prevent further injuries, Beth says, "We want to send him out in a little Michelin Man outfit."

"What makes'em tick? Aussie punk like the Rocks, whose "Kick Her Out" they cover. "I think it's the ozone layer over there that makes'em rock harder," says Dulcinea. "The big cans of beer!", argues Jay. Tough chicks inspire Dulcinea, too, like ample-breasted Tura Satana, punkers Wendy O Williams and Poison Ivy, and veteran rocker Joan Jett. They're into some of the contemporary punk rock like the real punk rock you wouldn't find at WalMart or on MTV like Indiana'a Problematics, the Texans, the Motards and the Satans. Their songs are about alcohol, rough sex and porn stars. They've got a cut coming out on a compilation put out by the guy who does The Probe 'zine, who's famous for writing about all of the girls he's had sex with since he was a
kid, and want to release some singles. The Loudmouths are hitting the road this summer and coming to a town near you. What should you expect? Well, Pete's going to skate your spots while the gargoyles put the moves on the local skater bait. Don't worry about Jay, he won't stray too far from the bar. Check'em out and smoke the punk rock! (Wez Lundry)


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